Buddha and Jesus: Who Were They? (Part 3 – Ministry)

In this series, we’ve been comparing Buddha and Jesus in order to get into a better position to evaluate whether claims about their similarity hold up under scrutiny. So far, Continue reading “Buddha and Jesus: Who Were They? (Part 3 – Ministry)”


Why Everyone Should Use Airbnb

My husband and I have rented out rooms in our house since our second year of marriage. Before Airbnb was around, we rented rooms out to students at the university. Continue reading “Why Everyone Should Use Airbnb”

How to Conduct a “Reality Check” on Your Worldview

The definition of “worldview” is just what it seems: your worldview is how you view the world. It’s your philosophy of life. It’s your explanation of the deeper meaning of things, Continue reading “How to Conduct a “Reality Check” on Your Worldview”

Can My Dreams Reveal the Future?

Dreams have reportedly played a pivotal role in the lives of patriarchs of old, rulers and kings, and ordinary people alike. Nations were started, the fall of nations was predicted, Continue reading “Can My Dreams Reveal the Future?”

Why the Next Step in Our Social Evolution is to Renounce Naturalistic Evolution

I have a graduate degree in science. I used the principles of evolution in the laboratory to alter bacterial cells. It is a fundamental axiom of science that biological organisms Continue reading “Why the Next Step in Our Social Evolution is to Renounce Naturalistic Evolution”